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Neo2The NEO2 is a small keyboard strictly for word processing. Every keystroke is saved directly to the machine's RAM, and is maintained by a battery backup even when powered down. Data is easily transferred to other word processing programs on other devices. NEO2s are affordable, lightweight, durable, and avoid the distracting bells and whistles that come with standard notebooks and laptops (e.g., no games, no Internet capabilities). Older models, some under the brand AlphaSmart, can usually be purchased on eBay. Available at:

kidspiration optKidspiration® software is designed for elementary school students. Kidspiration® develops thinking, literacy, and numeracy skills using visual strategies. Of particular importance for kids with AS, this software provides practice in using different visual strategies to organize, make sense of, and remember different types of information (for example, a diagram showing the interrelationships among family members or a decision tree showing responses to a given situation and the likely consequence of each choice). This software is useful in many content areas, even if students are functioning well below grade level. For children beyond elementary school, Inspiration® software is available. Download a free 30-day trial. Available at:


Time Management

Vibrating Watches

Many children have difficulty keeping track of time and remembering to monitor a clock or watch periodically. Children with AS are particularly vulnerable to this problem. With a vibrating watch, reminders can be pre-programmed and delivered subtly and quietly. Vibrating watches are available through many on-line sources.

WobL watchesThe WobL watch was designed specifically for small wrists and comes in blue, pink, purple, and yellow. The band has a Velcro closure. This watch lets the user set up to six daily reminders and choose vibration and/or audible alert independently for each alarm. It also features a stopwatch and countdown timer, month/date display and green backlight. It is shock-resistant and water-resistant. Available at:

Casi Pathfinder Vibrating Alarm WatchFor the older child, a Casio Pathfinder Vibrating Alarm Watch is cool-looking, inexpensive, and durable.  Five daily alarms can be set. There are two styles to choose from: one with a camouflage band (sometimes referred to as “hunting style”) and one with a brown leather band (sometimes referred to as “fishing style”). The watch features five daily alarms, hourly time signals, and stores up to 40 memos with time/date. It also provides Moon Age/Phase data (i.e., age and phase of the moon on the current or designated day) and Sunrise/Sunset data, if you’re into that sort of thing. Available at:

TimersThe Time Timer provides a clear visual representation of the passage of time. The face of the device has a white circle. When the timer is set for a given amount of time, that fraction of the face becomes red. As time elapses, the white portion grows larger, while the red portion, representing the time allotted for a task, becomes smaller. Time Timer permits students to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. These timers come in various sizes and can be wall-mounted or freestanding. There is also a TimeTimer watch and an application for iPod Touch/iPhone. Available at:

stays out of your way while making sure you don't lose track of time. When you need it, it turns your entire menu bar into a subtle progress bar that slowly slides away.

When time's up, Timebar will let you know. Until then, stay focused on your stuff, not the timer. Timebar's simple interface lets you set intervals ranging from one minute to eight hours, and even comes with a snooze alarm. Timebar is indie software, supported by folks like you. Available at: the App Store


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